Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mmmm.....Baby! or Would You Like A Side of VICE With That, Mr. Cruise?

Looks like the trend-setters here at VICE have done it again! Tom Cruise is licking his buck-toothed chops over the prospect of eating his baby's placenta. If only Mr. Cruise had swapped recipes with VICE's Mr. Crutchfield earlier, the height-challenged actor might have gained some precious inches from the placenta protein infusion. Mr. Crutchfield stands at a towering 6' 4", thanks in no small part to digesting the nutrient-rich bloody baby bags. Once acquiring a taste for them, I'm sure the vampirish actor will have no problem procuring more: scion skins will surely be the sacrifice of choice among the Scientology mummies!


Kenneth Anger said...

you got to be fucking kidding? When a star of the silver screen starts taking clues from a bunch canadian ne'er-do-wells you can be sure Hollywood is dead.

Iceman said...

I guess he isn't such a Maverick after all!

g.b. said...

mr. crutchfield pioneering cannibalism out of the realms of midwifery and hippydom.....hollywood is soooo impressionable.


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the running mule