Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Regrets Are Overrated

Hayden Panettiere of NBC's Heroes wanted a tattoo in Italian that translated to "Live without Regrets," unfortunately the tattoo was misspelled. This is familiar misadventure in a world of string bikinis and endless happy hours. Old-timers here at the Mule will recall the same fate befalling Ryan Duffy, the winsome hero of VBS.TV with regards to the philosophical catch phrase Against Me! Tattoos are permanent so if you're crazy enough to let someone put their "art" on your body please hire a fact checker. The iPhone people should design a spellcheck/breathalizer tattoo-gun application for precisely those moments when a single mispell can trip up a whole life without regret policy. On the other hand, regrets are entirely overrated. Right, Hayden?


John Wooden said...

So are you saying that both Hayden and Duffy are NBA fans? Cuz those dudes got ink

Shade said...

Can the iPhone app please include a saline drip for speedy recoveries, please?


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the running mule