Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kids Paint the Damndest Things

About a year ago, 18 year old Rory McInnes of Hungerford, Berks, Britain, saw a show on TV about how Google Earth lets anyone in the world with a computer zoom in on just about anything (other than Dick Cheney’s house). In light of this discovery, young Rory was inspired to communicate to the world with the platform good fortune had given him, the massive roof of his parents house. His message to the world: check out this huge, oddly proportioned penis.

The penis measured in at about 60 feet. The balls, drawn in clear desperation and sheer lack of space, are each only about 5 feet in diameter, raising questions as to the proper functioning of the organ depicted, be it a scaled up replica or a life-size recreation.

Rory’s father Andy McInnes was informed of the graffiti by The Sun newspaper, which had been informed of its existence by a helicopter pilot who had been flying over. Rory is currently away in Brazil on a ‘gap year,’ some sort of British rite of passage, and will be scrubbing away at his giant penis upon return to the UK.


Cecil P. said...

Like growing pot on your parents roof?

jane hole said...

Dicks are for kids


the running mule

the running mule