Saturday, April 04, 2009

Is Brüno Bigger Than Borat?

If you thought Borat was shocking, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Coming to a cinema near you is Brüno: Ultra-camp, ultra-offensive, ultra-cringey and ultra-funny. Sacha Baron Cohen has kept a low profile over the past year, however camp character Brüno has done anything but. He was busted in Milan after disrupting a fashion show, gatecrashed an LA rally against gay marriage and interrupted a TV interview with ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, quizzing him on gay issues. It’s the same insane magic Baron Cohen used in the making of Borat. Only last month, he tricked the Alabama National Guard into letting him train at a their Military Academy. Bruno has come to Hollywood to become “the biggest Austrian celebrity since Hitler”.

In a preview at SXSW, Universal Pictures revealed some scenes. After landing in LA, Brüno decides to adopt a black baby to use in a “special arts project”. Auditioning for infant stars, he fires increasingly bizarre questions at the real-life fame-hungry parents. Asking one woman how much her daughter weighs, she replies: “Thirty pounds.” Brüno says: “We are looking for the new NICOLE RICHIE. Cheekbones. Do you think your daughter could be persuaded to lose ten pounds or so?”
Astonishingly she answers: “In seven days? Yeah. Yeah, I think we can do that.” Brüno replies: “If she can’t drop it, would you consider letting us do a little liposuction?” Sickeningly, the woman says she’d have no problem with that.

The climax of the preview sees Brüno on the Richard Bey show, seeking Mr Right. To jeers from the African-American audience, he unveils his arts project — the black baby posing as Jesus on a crucifix. The young star then joins his adopted dad on stage, in a T-shirt with the slogan “Gayby”. Just like with Borat, Cohen gets away with his outrageous behaviour by poking fun at his bigoted victims. Come July, when the film is out, Bruno will be the most talked about celebrity in the world. I awake everyday thankful I live in world brimming over with idiots.



jesse the body said...

Armed with dueling dildos Bruno is certainly a force to be reckoned with

Richard Roper said...

I would love to see Bruno take it up the ass from the fat hairy guy in Borat. That would get Sacha Baron Cohen an Academy Award.

agent mule said...

This looks hilarious


the running mule

the running mule