Friday, April 10, 2009

A Good Friday

It's Good Friday and I'm reminded of the strange metamorphosis of cartoonist Johnny Hart from pre-historic yuk master to born-again Christian. "B.C." was considered the most widely read comic strip on the planet at the time Hart moved to a home with no TV. But Hart liked TV, so he ordered a satellite system. In an odd twist of faith, a father and son team of born-again Christian installation men showed and with the love of God in their hearts programmed Christian television shows on every set in Hart's house before they spilt.

According to Hart, "We had several TV sets, so every room I went into, these guys would have Christian TV on. I'd go into one room and see D. James Kennedy. I'd go into another room and see the PTL Club or another preacher. I began to sit and watch and listen, and pretty soon I got hooked on it." So hooked was Hart that till the end of his life he insisted upon putting Christian messages in his comics. His conversion confirms that God does indeed work in mischievous ways, after all the strip was called "B.C." In honor of this Good News, why not take a stab at picking your own king today: Jesus or TV?


Anonymous said...

dear god! even cartoons?

Graeme said...

No way, Mule! Poison Idea had it right: the choice is between Jesus & Elvis.

Or maybe the choice is between a day laborer & El Vez?

Sounds to me like ol' Johnny Hart was ready to roll over if he found those fools convincing. I don't know.

I've been to Graceland. I'm pretty sure that tomb is empty. I don't know.

What I do know is TV is good for cooking shows that teach me to make great food on the cheap so I have more money to spend on wine.


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