Friday, April 03, 2009

Osama Bin Ladin Meet David Bowie

Two famous men known for reinventing themselves have spent most of this decade in hiding: Osama bin Ladin and David Bowie. Away from the public eye, Bin Ladin has been busy releasing mixtapes of varying quality over the past few years, but Bowie not so much. Bin Ladin's listeners, at the CIA and around the world, are very devoted to his work: no matter the content or the production values, they really get into each of his new releases and perform close readings in order to make sense of the man and his œuvre. Bowie has his share of fans, too, myself included, who stand ready to parse his latest offerings, but he has not released a new album in almost six years. I think it's time he came out of his cave and faced the music.

Read Jeff Strabone's complete piece @ 3 Quarks Daily


merv said...

Both of these guys dress like tools. And the singing is virtually indistinguishable

anderson k-hole cooper said...

How can you compare a great bi-sexual pop star with a great bi-sexual koran thumper and not expect to excite passions?


the running mule

the running mule