Monday, March 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Texas

March 2nd is one of the most important holidays on the American calendar. Known worldwide as Texas Independence Day, the date marks the formal declaration of "bye-bye now" of the Republic of Texas to their patrons in Mexico in 1836. The Texas Revolution was sealed at the Battle of San Jacinto where the battle cry, "Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!" accompanied the Texan charge. The enemy, taken by surprise, rallied for a few minutes, then fled in disorder. The Texans had asked no quarter and gave none. The slaughter was appalling, victory complete, and Texas free!

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Longbranch Inn said...

Thank God some smart Texans are looking after our Holiday for us. Clueless here including me. Thanks, Stockbauer

damandaroots said...

Travis (as in William B.) Hans Morey Day!

TEXAS said...

It is hard to believe that the rest of the country has almost no knowledge of the rich Texas history that is. As a sprite, young Texan myself, I never found it odd that we pledged allegiance to the Texas flag in elementary school, or that my neighbor mowed his lawn in the shape of the state. Remember the Alamo!

Anonymous said...

Not only do I remember the Alamo and remember Goliad, but I also remember when Texas was populated by ACTUAL TEXANS. I guess the oceans of Yanks who have been flooding into our republic... er, uh... state these past 25 years finally figured out the whole "come and take it" thing. As my good friend Edgar Burns Crutchfield once said, there is NO MORE ROOM AT THE INN!!! Remember wide open spaces, no lines at the Salt Lick, and being able to travel from Dallas to Austin in less than a sixpack.

Ma Barker said...

i love your use of the word quarter. it invokes the
nobility of setting a conduct during war, a notion
which seems antithetical to the brutal and anarchical
nature of fighting. but i guess the difference between war and fighting is that war is political and
therefore elicits administrative structure. however,
in not asking for or giving quarter, texans once again demonstrate their propensity for absolutely fearless recalcitrance, and total bad-assness. this quality, when coupled with their characteristic gallantry, allows texas men the ability to fell womankind by the passenger train-load.

David said...

Texas Texas YEE HAW
getcho self a tall cool one and ponder those who gave their lives for your ability to enjoy yourself in the illustrious majestic and enthralling state of mind that is TEXAS far be it from me to tell you HOW to have a good time in TEXAS it usually happens naturally organically and spontaneously YALL!


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the running mule