Friday, March 13, 2009

Street Carnage vs SXSW

This promo video is for our (free) party at SXSW. After going there for 15 years, we noticed the biggest problem with this festival is all the fucking music. Shut up already. Your band sucks.

So, we chose our 4 favorite live acts and then cut the list off after that. Too many showcases in Austin are about pleasing sponsors or labels or your buddies who hope to get signed (only artist ever signed at SXSW was Timbuk 3 btw). This may be the first party ever where the promoters started with a list of bands they actually want and worked backwards from there. It’s all short sets with plenty of space in between bands to get free beer, free BBQ, and free cognac (yes cognac). It’s at the Scoot Inn where our best frienemy Stockbauer has been abusing clientele since way before it was open and we’re going to be showing Street Boners and TV Carnage in the indoor part between bands. No shirts is going to be strongly encouraged and that goes for both sexes but whatever floats your boat. It’s from 2 to 6 so please don’t be cool and show up late or you will miss the Cerebral Ballzy / Ninjasonik experience. You've got one week to get ready.


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