Thursday, March 05, 2009

Robert Guskind

We are deeply distraught to spread word that Bob Guskind—our good friend and former co-worker—has passed away. Bob's Gowanus Lounge blog had recently gone offline, and messages were going unanswered. Amidst concern, Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn reached out to the Medical Examiners Office, which confirmed that Bob died on March 4th. We are still waiting to hear more, but for now, our condolences go out to Bob's loved ones.
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I heard of Bob by way of Blackoutman's infatuation with the blog Gowanus Lounge. Quickly, I recognized how articulate and dogged Bob was about all things Brooklyn I knew I wanted to work with him on some project. So when the opportunity arose to make Toxic Brooklyn, I quickly roped him in.

Early on he told me he didn't drink anymore but hinted he'd done a lot of hard living and even at the fact he'd formerly been a dope fiend. It looks like his death might have been a suicide but that doesnt really matter. He'd stopped Twittering, the Gowanus Lounge had gone black and maybe the dope started to look pretty could again amidst the incessant creep of depression. It's so very sad to think about it. To me Bob was always generous and thoughtful and the shitstains that have moved to Brooklyn for their hipper-than-thou lifestyle will never have another advocate like Bob Guskind and his blog. His death, however, is an even greater loss to the whole of the human community. RIP.

Here is cool video of Bob walking around my neighborhood for A Walk Around the Blog segment. And his collected writings for Underground Voices. Plus tons more videos of his on YouTube.
Guy was prolific.

And more about his passing
[OTBKB, Brownstoner]

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Phil D said...

When I went to Coney Island with Bob Guskind a few weeks ago. I wanted to interview businesses along Mermaid Ave about the proposed rezoning. Bob videotaped this moving interview we did with Jimmy Prince who was preparing to close his longtime community Butcher Shop. I wanted to share it with you. I still can’t believe Bob is gone. I keep hoping the phone will ring and he would give that wonderful laugh and say it was all a joke. I can’t put into words the feeling of loss. But wonderful memories and knowing that I will do what I can to continue to fight for issues we both knew were very important keeps me going right now. I am so privileged to have spent some time on this earth with such a caring person. I am very blessed.



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