Thursday, March 02, 2006

Separated at Birth

Sometimes when people work together they get into synchronized cycles from the two most unpredictable and powerful forces on earth: fashion and the tidal moon. When Ryan and Gavin started working together, it was easy to tell them apart: one was a stud athlete and brilliant student, while the other was a cartooning prodigy and the voice of an unorthodox subculture. Like mixing oil and water, these two rarely emulsified--but were often seen swilling around the bottom of the barrel. Well, it seems in the end personalities, like eggs, scramble, as it is now virtually impossible to tell them apart from each other. Which is the dazzling hardcore singer and which is the married curmudgeon? Like mixing identities? You make the call.


ap said...

wait, i don't get it. with all of your esoteric talk about the lunar cycles and eggs and cross dressing, it's not clear which one is actually getting the sex change. it's the fey one, right?

Suburbia in the City said...

The guy with the beard is really posing. We are talking Nicole Richie style-hip out, handbag within view. The other looks like a traveling salesman.

Anonymous said...

I don't get this one. Isn't in the same guy in both pictures?

Monica said...

Talking about an evolving look? This guy has had more outfits than Phyliss Diller has cigarettes.


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the running mule