Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Like Mixed Company Liquors?

This Friday, March 10th, come out and meet your favorite rumor mule targets at Trash as the kids of VICE are planning a secret get together for a 9pm open bar accompanied by the country stylings of the Sharky Favorite Band. VICE and country music might not seem a natural fit but what is wrong with a little unatural behavior on occasssion. And Sharky's unhealthy blend of the Grand Olde Opry and Caesar's Palace makes for a humdinger of a jumpstart to a weekend destined to be as fucked up as a can of worms. Come out and perhaps see Melissa, our man Duffy, Thobey, sexy Aviva, Blackoutman, LaWow and his lady, Carnage, Trevor Forever, Intern Bill, or maybe even yours truly.


Theodore Leo said...

Country music in wiliamsburg, brooklyn? That is laughable.

Bill 'the mick' Moore said...

Its with great remorse I will not be attending this little ho-down. Oh how I’ll miss the antagonistic ramblings of my pinheaded friend, or the shirtless theatrics of Alex champion. Perhaps the only thing that I won’t miss is the drunken slurs that are so often hurled at me like a cricket ball. Instead I will be working, from my understanding the record is now at 40 hours. Sheer balls and a little help from the Erin Express will allow me to crush it into dust with an unheard of 72 hours of straight boozing. It is in the genes after all.

Nicole said...

That cast of freaks will be out together? Don't ask, I'm in

ryan white said...

oh golly, that's rich!

jessica said...

I thought Gavin wrote this thing his picture is in it so much.


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