Friday, September 08, 2006

Politrix At Large

Rap Music is a funny thing. It is at times both provacative and stupefying, which is also an apt
description for many a political campaign. So most of us at Intern Central thought it brilliant (and perhaps a fitting end) when one of the drunken big boys headed south to curry favor from a group of rapsters destined to happily bounce a beanpole wannabe Politician out of town on his ass with grevious bodily harm. If this syrupy saga is to be believed, it seems VICE's plan to raise the South again might just work. What political intrigue is behind this cockamamie duplicity is anyone's guess. Can we please find this guy a Political Party Machine?


Dope-E said...

The Mayor of Southpark is in the House.

Ms Doubtfire said...

Do you expect me to believe that that honky was able to roll with those boyz?

Anonymous said...

"I may be a honky but I'm hung like a donkey"

beckles said...

raprikan americans unite!

Anonymous said...

Rap and the South are past their prime. Although both center around amazing food.


the running mule

the running mule