Friday, September 15, 2006

Bindi City Heat

Windy City Heat is finally being released on DVD. How great is that you ask? Look to Gavin's loving gospel in the most recent issue of VICE Magazine, if you are still out in the cold on this classic comedy. In the world of film, copycatting is a great way to get rich without doing any work, so Thobey thought we should do a remake right away. And because of VICE's ever encroaching international visibility, India was deemed the perfect place for this celulloid rehash tentatively titled Bindi City Heat Bollywood goes Bollockswood, if you will. Think the Peter Sellers classic The Party with a hint of Chi-Town Canadian dufus on top.

With the three red headed stars pictured, this is certain to generate a sub-world of south asian, if not world-wide, resentment. However, the abilities of this new Big 3 to sing and dance with daring aplomb has already proven untetherable time and again. And besides it's a dumb white guy story to begin with so please no complaints about make-up or bad accents. Whom exactly will draw the lead dumb role as GemStone Fury is anyone's guess. Care to vote for your choice?


Perry Caravello said...

Gemstone Fury = Thobey with a bejeweled forehead. The glimmer would even out his god damn latitude mustache and maple syrup smile.

Big Lou said...

The question is who would you like to see strapped to the chair for the red bat blue bat scene?Crutchfield might look best frantically pleading with Thobey not to shatter his melon as John Martrin grins manically in the background.

Gavin as the Bobcat character is mandatory!


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