Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"Totally For Teens" Screening Party Tonight

TV Carnage's Derrick Beckles just finished making a best selling TV show titled “Totally for Teens" for Adult Swim. It features the multi-talented multi-culturalist, Mr. Beckles forcing teens to not only look into the future but hate on themselves and eat cream filled pickles. Don't fret parents he's a role model of the first order. Tonight's screening of the Pilot Episode at Monster Island will undoubtedly be a star-studded gala, wickedly funny and overrun with both children and the usual Type A Williamsburg B-listers. Go to our sister's site SBTVC for more dazzle and specifics of how you can attend!

Be there or be squared.


natasha said...

i loved that guy even when he quit smoking

rusty said...

That is this guy right? The porn star? Weird guy to give a kids show to but hey this is America.

al joltson said...

Black people are the funniest.

Kelly Q E said...

hahahaha NOT a porn star. Right? Is there something I don't know about old Beckles?


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the running mule