Thursday, October 05, 2006

Emancipation Cohabitation

Following in the footsteps of Duffy and the Ambassador, Bleauxdog and Edgar, and other Viceroys too poor to have their own place, Bensonhurst Bill and itsSUE have decided to lay down powder and take up straw together in their own humble Bedford Avenue abode. Keep an eye out for the American flag that the Brooklyn Bopper plans to hang out his window.

Will their fridge be stuffed full of all manner of Pittsburgher and Bensonhurst goodies? Will the grandaughter of a Nazi and the 'This is America' Fred Perry model get along? Wagers on the amount of time until copulation? Until they get to know each other in the Biblical sense? And what happens, fair reader, when Chin comes to visit? Will Bill fly the coop? The clock is ticking. Lots of questions, no answers in sight. Stay tuned.

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the running mule

the running mule