Thursday, July 20, 2006

Interns of a Feather

Bensonhurst Bill and Upper East Side Rya are VICE's two most audible interns of recent memory. Perhaps it's their shared upbringing in the metropolitan jungle, or maybe they both had parents that were hard of hearing. The dynamic duo finally met up at the VICE Photo Issue party last Monday. This photo would look best in a heart shaped frame, on a bedside table, somewhere in Weehawken. Also of note: Bill's two beers and Rya's 'I just met my internship spiritual predecessor' smile of joy.

Like Parties? Come see them in all their tongue wagging glory this Friday night.


Melissa Burgos said...

Please kill me.

Bill Moore said...

Although I've bowed out of global hedonism for now, Its my sincere hope that my nasally New York accent will ring in the house that the big three built. Until then, your all going to have to take out your own damn trash.

Gina Gold said...

Bill "the kissing bandit" Moore is the best intern I ever had.

Gina Gold said...

Will the real Gina Gold please stand up?


the running mule

the running mule