Friday, February 17, 2006

Wedding Bell Curves

Spotted at the VICE Brodeo in San Diego was our second favourite Jamaican Asian / Semetic couple, Jill Meisner and VICE's Nick Yin-Chen. We won't comment on his expression, but just check out the look on her face! She's picturing 3 children with perfect teeth, a two bathroom apartment on Gramercy Park and summers in the Hamptons. In a room full of gay cowboys, she really zeroed in on a winner. Emphasis on the ZERO. Like matrimony?


Thomas said...

That chick is hot, why she is hanging with that asian kid who loves Bam Margera is beyond me.

chinkafarian said...

there's a reason why you are named baby balls and i'm not. cocksucker.

Anonymous said...


William Jennings said...

Jill, honey if you ever get bored with asian men and fell like steppin out with a goy, I am in.


the running mule

the running mule