Friday, January 05, 2007

Interns Adrift

On occassion VICE gets newbies piling into John James' Golden Intern Corral from all over the globe and when their buddies return to the Isle of Capper & Creighton without them, they're left with nothing but flatlanders from kansas and drummers on couches to tequila their sorrows away. Like salt with lime?


Anonymous said...

dirty brits? good riddance.

cnn live said...


mary poppins sucking on dan's dick van dyke


Anonymous said...

seriously? who hasn't.

cnn live said...

besides, hasnt she also swung from the brown rope?

can i get an intern who can mail a dvd and not just give good hand jobs?


tequila_mockingbird said...

give poor rachel a break. it is really difficult for us, females interns, to resist the impossible good looking/worldly/ivy league educated dudes that are part of the vice staff.

plus, i think duffy said giving good hand jobs WAS a requirement... i mean duh


the running mule

the running mule