Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guns Don't Kill People, People With Guns Kill People

Despite the hullabaloo, I don't foresee the US Gov't making any move to confiscate the guns of the citizenry. For one thing, it's one of the the only solvent industries left. I own guns but I'm not such a partisan that I don't realize guns make killing people a cinch. It's a fact that cowards (thieves, spoiled brats, religious zealots, political paranoids, etc.) abuse the power of guns everyday. Hunters are not a worry. Idiots with sniper rifles are the worry, just as idiots are on the freeway and in the bar and, yes, at the fucking gun show. If dipshits with mullets, selling Glochs and Uzis from behind cases stuffed with period fascist attire (sorry hardcores, but Nazis, like Mexicans, are foreigners and don't speak English) are afraid of the government coming to get them, I say increase the paranoia.

On the sunny side, don't forget it's America's gun dealing ingenuity that ensures the criminal drug enterprises of Mexico can operate without government interference and who, in turn, deliver the cocaine that fuels another recession proof American industry, the Titty Bar. I'm not sure this is the kind of free trade Samuel Colt had in mind, nevertheless, BUY AMERICAN! At the very least our strippers economic survival is depending on it, not to mention the plastic surgeons of California and Texas. I wonder if breast implants are made in the USA?

Agent Mule's Tip of the Day: Go out and kill an animal before you ever consider carrying a gun in public. The ruthless way a bullet rips through the flesh of a rabbit or a deer or dog or a squirrel is illuminating. That's a money back guarantee.

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Ty said...

Guns IS America.

It's funny that as a huge liberal pussy I'm really close to a couple of special forces members. They are "training" me in close combat/urban survival techniques.

It's fun and I love all of it.

More than ever I have nothing but respect for guns. I finally get it now. At the very least, everybody should fire a a handgun to more fully shape their judgment.

It's the power of the gun/God/penis connection in your hands that make you suddenly the bravest Indian in the tribe.

El MoD said...

Guns don't kill people, rock records kill people

Ty said...

The video really puts into focus Napolitano's report warning of a rising threat from right-wing extremists and white supremacists, driven by a dismal economy and the election of the black president. You know, the one they were saying she should be fired for.


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